Why use the Cap'n

Git hooks are a great way for automating tasks, enforcing coding standards, and performing actions before or after Git commands are executed. Here are some reasons why you might use git hooks:

The Cap'n is designed to simplify the process of sharing git hooks within your team. Whether you already use git hooks or you are starting from scratch the Cap'n got you covered. The Cap'n makes it equally easy to integrate existing hook scripts or create custom hooks from scratch. With the Cap'n, you have the flexibility to listen to all git hook events or selectively target the ones that matter most to your workflow. While it offers a rich set of features, the primary mission of the Cap'n is to streamline the integration of your unique functionalities, making the entire process as straightforward as possible.

To better understand the Captain's capabilities you can have a look at the Captain's favorite hooks.

Here's a list of examples demonstrating what you can achieve with the Cap'n


Installation via Homebrew
Check commit messages
Integrate your existing hooks easily
Supports the git-notify standard
Allow access to original hook arguments and input
Conditional hook execution to only run hooks when needed
Include custom hook package configurations
Handle all hooks
Supports virtual hooks to prevent copy paste configuration
Will not overwrite your stuff without asking

by December 2023